Tooth Implant Out-of-Pocket Cost in Prince Frederick, Maryland

How Much for Dental Implants?

How Much for Full-Mouth Treatment?

Tooth implants are sometimes necessary to restore function and prevent bone loss. They also help you to smile with confidence again. While you might need them, the idea of dental work can be a little scary, because let’s face it – it’s not always cheap.

So, how much is the tooth implant out-of-pocket cost in Prince Frederick, Maryland? Will insurance cover any of the fees for dental implants? Here’s the scoop!

What Exactly Is a Tooth Implant?

A tooth implant, or dental implant, is a medical device that is implanted during a surgical procedure to look, act, and feel like a normal tooth. Implants replace missing teeth and can provide much-needed support for dentures, bridges, and crowns.

An implant consists of three parts:

  • Implant body: Made of titanium or similar metal, the implant body is a screw that goes into the jaw bone.
  • Crown: This is the visible part above the gum line that looks and functions like a real tooth.
  • Abutment: This is the metal piece that joins the body and crown.

Why Would I Need a Dental Implant?

Missing teeth can cause complications such as difficulty chewing, changes to the way you chew, defective speech, or rapid jaw bone loss. A tooth implant can correct or prevent these issues, while also improving your smile and overall appearance.

While this surgery is considered a safe procedure, that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. There are health conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, excessive drinking, smoking, and untreated gum disease that can negatively affect the outcome of tooth implant surgery.

In addition, if you take steroids or drugs that suppress the immune system or if you have habits like clenching or grinding your teeth, a tooth implant might not be suitable for you.

How Much Are Dental Implants?

One tooth implant typically costs around $5,000, though it can range between $1,500 and $6,000, while a full mouth can cost $56,000 or more. Factors such as the complexity of your surgery, the number of implants you need, your dentist’s fees, and geographic location all make a difference in the final cost of the tooth implant.

It’s also possible you’ll incur an additional tooth implant out-of-pocket cost in Prince Frederick, Maryland for a related service such as an exam, X-rays, bone grafting, anesthesia, and / or specialist care. Clearly, dental implants are an investment, but it’s one that can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Does Insurance Cover Implants?

If you have dental insurance, it will be necessary for you to contact your insurance carrier to find out what they will and will not cover. Some private plans will cover as much as 50% of major dental services. Generally speaking, it is possible to pay at least $1,500 out of pocket for a tooth implant even with coverage.

Medicare and Medicaid have restrictions regarding dental services. You’ll need to read carefully to find out what percentage of tooth implant surgery and related expenses, if any, are covered.

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