Best Same-Day Emergency Dentist in St. Leonard, MD

Best Same-Day Emergency Dentist in St. Leonard

Your Quick Guide to Choosing a Best Same-Day Emergency Dentist in St. Leonard, Maryland

Choosing the best same-day emergency dentist in St. Leonard, Maryland is something you need to do now rather than later.

If you’re not sure how, this quick guide is for you. Being prepared for dental emergencies can save your teeth as well as help preserve oral health and your overall wellbeing!

Talk to People You Trust, and Ask Them Questions

First and foremost, you want a dentist who has experience dealing with emergency dental problems such as a missing filling. One of the best ways to find that is word of mouth, so talk to friends and family or even your co-workers.

Ask them about their experiences. Why did they need urgent dental care? Was the dentist friendly?  Understanding? Did they explain treatment options and explain them clearly? Did your friend feel safe?

Verify Credentials

You want a provider who is a member of the American Dental Association. Find out if the university they graduated from is accredited and when they graduated.

For dentists to stay current on technology and techniques, they should take advantage of continuing education courses or seminars. It’s also prudent for them to stay up to date on research and clinical studies.

Do a little digging into their background. Write down questions so you know what to ask when you meet them in person.

Read Online Reviews

Obviously, not all online testimonials are real. You should know how to spot fake reviews so they don’t cloud your judgment. Some fakes are obvious but not all of them.

Having said that, genuine reviews can really be helpful. Resources you might try are the Better Business Bureau or Healthgrades. Pay close attention to those that specifically mention same-day appointments or emergency dental services.

Pay attention to reviews that mention wait times. If you’re in a lot of pain, you will not want to wait long for dental care. The best same-day emergency dentist in St. Leonard, Maryland is one who has a solid reputation as reliable and knowledgeable.

Find Out Where an Emergency Dentist Is Located

This goes back to being prepared. Search online maps to find urgent dental providers in your area. You might even want to make the drive before an emergency such as a mouth injury or abscess arises just to be sure you know how to get there and that you can get there quickly. Pay attention to parking too.

The last thing you want to worry about when you have a dental emergency is an inconvenience.

Schedule an Appointment

For many people, choosing a dentist only happens after an in-person meet and greet. Ideally, your regular dentist will also be your emergency dentist, so schedule a cleaning and get to know who will be handling your oral care.

While you’re at the office, take a look around. Is it a clean, warm, and safe environment? Is the staff friendly? Did you feel welcomed? Pay attention to your instincts. If anything feels off to you, keep looking for an emergency dentist. Just because you visit for a consultation or cleaning doesn’t mean you can’t switch providers if you don’t feel one is right for you.

Your Search for the Best Same-Day Emergency Dentist in St. Leonard, Maryland Ends When You Make This Call!

Schedule your same-day appointment to meet our father-and-son team of Dr. Joseph Luke and Dr. Jonathan Luke. Excellent oral health has always been their priority, and they’ve dedicated their careers to providing compassionate, comprehensive, personalized care.

Our practice is equipped to handle all types of dental emergencies. No matter your situation, we are here to help in a safe and timely manner. Call us at 301-880-4439 to book your appointment now!

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