Will My Insurance Cover Implants?

Will My Insurance Cover Implants?

Will My Insurance Cover Implants, or Will I Have to Pay Out of Pocket for the Dental Procedure?

Having a missing tooth can result in loss of self-confidence, contribute to jawbone deterioration, or even make it difficult to eat certain foods.

Thankfully, dental implants can help alleviate all of these issues. We wanted to address one of the most common questions we hear from patients considering dental implants, “Will my insurance cover implants, or will I have to pay out of pocket?”

What Influences the Cost of Dental Implants?

Before we talk about insurance, let’s take a look at the total cost. Several factors can contribute to the cost of your implants, including the number of implants needed, the type of implant, the type of artificial tooth, any related procedures, and the geographical location of your dentist. On average, the cost of a single implant can run between $3,000 and $4,500.

Will My Insurance Cover Implants?

Every insurance company is different, but basic dental plans don’t typically cover dental implants. There are, however, cosmetic insurance policies that will cover implants. Keep in mind that you may have a deductible that you have to meet before coverage begins. Most insurance companies will allow you to see what’s covered and how much you’ve contributed to your deductible by logging in online.

What If I’m Covered?

If dental implants are covered, you should still give your insurance provider a call to get more details. Ask about which specialists are in network versus out of network, coverage structure, and whether there is a least expensive alternative treatment (LEAT) clause.

Where Should I Go for My Dental Implants?

Once you’ve spoken with your dental insurance company to get the question, “Will my insurance cover implants?” answered, the next step is to find a dentist. If you’re in the Leonardtown area, give us a call at 301-880-4439 to schedule your appointment with our experienced dental team. Trust your smile to the caring hands of Dr. Luke!

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