When Do I Need an Emergency Dentistry Near Me? 

Do I Need an Emergency Dentistry Near Me

Tooth and mouth pain can be utterly excruciating! They can cause headaches, dizziness, and a host of other symptoms that you wouldn’t associate with oral health issues.

Unfortunately, for most of us, unless you’re a dentist, you probably aren’t sure what constitutes an emergency and what doesn’t. So, when do I need emergency dentistry near me and when can I wait for treatment?

When Do I Need Emergency Dentistry Near Me

The list of possible dental emergencies is long, but most emergencies fall into three major categories: infection, injury, and numbness. When any of these occur, you should get to the dentist quickly.

Signs of tooth infection include headaches, severe tooth and jaw pain, fever, and swelling. Injuries can be considered everything from a chipped or broken tooth to a major hit or fall on your jaw. A numbing sensation can give you a false sense of relief. It can feel great when your pain subsides, but if you have no feeling at all, that can be a sign that an infection has spread to the root.

How Do I Find an Emergency Dentistry, Anyways?

The last thing you want to be doing while suffering from symptoms from an oral health emergency is sifting through the results from an “emergency dentistry near me” search. That said, next time you’re at your dentist, ask if they handle emergencies and the process. That way, you know exactly what to do if an emergency comes up.

Where Can I Find an Emergency Dentist?

If you’re looking for an emergency dentist, your search is over. Our team of prosthodontists are available for general dentistry needs like cleanings, as well as emergency dentistry needs like tooth extraction surgery. For dental emergencies or regular care, call us at 301-880-4439. We’re here when you need us!

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