Have a Cracked Tooth in Waldorf, Maryland?

Have a Cracked Tooth in Waldorf Maryland?

Here’s Why You Need an Emergency Dental Visit in Waldorf, Maryland

Not only can a cracked tooth lead to unpleasant symptoms but also serious complications if left untreated.

If you suspect you have a cracked tooth after hearing and / or feeling damage to one of your pearly whites, don’t delay an emergency dental visit in Waldorf, Maryland to protect your oral health.

How Is a Cracked Tooth Diagnosed if the Damage Isn’t Visible?

Diagnosis begins with a discussion of your symptoms and what caused your tooth to crack. Your dentist needs to know if you grind your teeth or are in the habit of chewing on ice

In addition, they will follow one or more steps to find the crack if you’re not sure which tooth was affected, including but not limited to a visual examination, checking for inflammation of your gums, or applying a stain to your teeth to locate the crack.

Because they are not always visible, your dentist may also want X-rays or other imaging. 

Keep Reading to Discover Possible Treatment Options!

During your emergency dental visit in Waldorf, Maryland you can count on your dentist to recommend the best course of action for your specific needs. They may suggest one of the following: 

  • Bonding: The fracture is filled in with plastic resin.
  • Crown: A porcelain or ceramic cap may be placed over the tooth. 
  • Extraction: In cases where the damage extends to the pulp, a reputable dentist may decide it is better to remove the tooth.
  • Veneer: A thin covering of porcelain or plastic can be applied over a cracked tooth when the damage isn’t extensive enough for a crown.

If You Need an Emergency Dental Visit in Waldorf, Maryland, Call the Nearby Father-and-Son Team at the Office of Dr. Joseph Luke and Dr. Jonathan Luke!

Don’t take the chance of further damage or other health implications from not having a fractured tooth treated!

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