Dentist in Leonardtown for Total Mouth Rehabilitation

Dentist in Leonardtown for Total Mouth Rehabilitation

Total mouth rehabilitation is a procedure that involves rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.

Full mouth reconstruction combines a patient’s aesthetic goals with restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and appearance of the mouth. Here’s some general information on the procedure to help get started on research.

Who Can Get Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Some people have several dental problems in their mouths that must improve both function and aesthetics. These patients could have missing teeth, teeth with fillings that are failing or exhibiting decay, cracked/broken teeth, or badly worn teeth due to teeth grinding or other bad habits. While these are all obviously bad for the appearance of your mouth, they also impact your oral hygiene.

Treatment Options For Mouth Rehabilitation

Total mouth reconstruction typically involves general or restorative dentists (performing procedures like crowns, bridges and veneers), and can include dental specialists like periodontists (gums specialists), oral surgeons, orthodontists (specialists in tooth movements and positions) and endodontists (specialists in tooth pulp).

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation Like?

If you think you need reconstruction, see your dentist for an examination. Your dentist will examine your teeth and the rest of your mouth to determine the extent of the problem and the treatment options that can be used to correct it. The examination process requires records of your mouth, such as X-rays, photographs, impressions of your upper and lower teeth, models of your teeth, and a model of your bite.

Your dentist may also refer you to other specialists for a consultation in order to develop a treatment plan that is best for you. If you do not understand the procedure don’t be afraid to ask for a detailed written description of the proposed treatment plan so you can review it at your leisure. This can also be helpful if you want to get a second opinion.

If you’re ready to look more in depth at total mouth rehabilitation in Leonardtown, then call Dr. Luke’s office at (301) 880-4439 or book an online appointment and schedule a consultation as soon as today!

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