Best Emergency Dentist in Prince Frederick, Maryland

Emergency Dentist in Prince Frederick MD

The Best Emergency Dentist in Prince Frederick, Maryland May Be Avoided by Trying These 5 Home Remedies

Home remedies for all kinds of health occurrences have been trending for years, and yes, they may help delay a visit to the dentist. The key is knowing what to try at home and when to seek professional help.

Experts have weighed in, and here’s what the best emergency dentist in Prince Frederick, Maryland has to say.

Don’t Delay Treatment for a Life-Threatening Injury

Not all dental emergencies can wait for a dentist. If you are having trouble breathing or swallowing, notice swelling that worsens, or if you are experiencing severe bleeding don’t take any chances. Seek emergency care immediately, either at your local hospital or by calling 911.

What Qualifies as a Non-Life Threatening Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is one that shouldn’t wait for treatment. Any of the following qualify as a dental emergency that is not typically life-threatening:

  • Abscess / infection (with or without fever)
  • Broken crown
  • Exposed nerves
  • Lodged food in the teeth or gums that you can’t get loose
  • Missing filling
  • Swollen / bleeding gums
  • Swollen mouth or jaw
  • Unexplained or sudden toothache

What Home Remedies Should I Try While Waiting to See My Emergency Dentist?

Even if you schedule a same-day appointment to see the best emergency dentist in Prince Frederick, Maryland, you’ll want relief while you wait. There are home remedies for dental emergencies that have proven to be quite effective:

  • OTC (over-the-counter) pain medication: This is actually one of the fastest ways to get relief from tooth pain. NSAIDs are particularly helpful. The most common are ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen.
  • Baking soda: Bacteria buildup can lead to toothache if left untreated. A quick solution is mixing baking soda with warm water and applying it to the affected area. It should be noted that even if you find relief, you should still follow up with your dentist in case of a different, underlying cause.
  • Saltwater: Have you ever had a toothache or abscess and someone told you to rinse with lukewarm saltwater? There is a good reason. It’s a natural inflammatory that can bring about much-needed pain relief rather quickly.
  • Ice packs: These can be especially helpful if you’ve experienced some type of trauma to your mouth. The numbing effect reduces pain. Ice packs should be applied in 15-minute intervals.
  • Clove oil: Pain relief that dates back centuries, clove oil is an effective pain relief when applied properly using a massage motion. Or, you can place a few drops of clove oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil (try vegetable or coconut oil) onto a cotton swab and apply it to the tooth that way. This is only recommended for adults and should never be used with children.

There are additional tips you can try at home to help relieve toothache. These work well when combined with any of the above solutions. If you smoke, stop, as this will aggravate the pain significantly.

Sleep with your head elevated. You should be careful what you eat, and when you brush your teeth do it gently.

When You Need the Best Emergency Dentist in Prince Frederick, Maryland, Call the office of Dr. Joseph Luke and Dr. Jonathan Luke!

When faced with a dental emergency, it’s in your best interest to seek treatment as soon as possible. That’s why we provide same-day appointments to new and existing patients.

Because your oral health is connected to your overall health and wellbeing, please do not hesitate to contact us at 301-880-4439 for the high-quality, comprehensive dental care you deserve.

With Dr. Joseph Luke and Dr. Jonathan Luke, you’ll receive a level of exceptional dental care you won’t find anywhere else!

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