5 Warning Signs You Need an Emergency Root Canal in Hollywood, Maryland

5 Warning Signs You Need an Emergency Root Canal in Hollywood MD

Whether you know you need a root canal and are delaying it, or you’re just not sure if this procedure is necessary, it’s important to take control of your dental health ASAP.

Here are five common warning signs that it’s time to book an emergency root canal in Hollywood, Maryland!

What Is a Root Canal? When Is One Necessary?

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves cleaning out infected tooth pulp. Your teeth contain multiple layers, including enamel and dentin, but an often overlooked layer is the soft core that contains nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels.

When this soft core, referred to as the dental pulp, is infected, it becomes inflamed or even necrotic. A root canal removes the infection-causing bacteria from the pulp, followed by disinfection, filling, and sealing the area to prevent future decay.

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal doesn’t hurt compared to the infection itself, thanks to anesthesia. So, don’t neglect your health just because you think your root canal procedure will hurt.

What Are 5 Warning Signs That I Would Need an Emergency Root Canal?

If you’ve been putting your dental health on the backburner, it’s time to stop. Your oral health can affect more than just your mouth, which is why it’s so important that you pay attention to these five symptoms that require an emergency root canal in Hollywood, Maryland.

  • Abscess or Lump in Gum Tissue

A gum abscess or hard lesion, feeling similar to a pimple or blister, can indicate an infection. This “pimple” may actually begin to ooze from the infection, causing bad breath or an odd, unpleasant taste in your mouth. This lesion may also be referred to as a gum boil or parulis.

  • Difficulty Eating or Drinking

Who doesn’t want to enjoy eating and drinking their favorite foods and liquids? Unfortunately, decay of your dental pulp can make these tasks uncomfortable or even impossible without excruciating pain. If you find that you experience discomfort when you eat or drink, or have a new sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, head to your dentist right away.

  • Swollen or Painful Gums

Your gums can indicate quite a lot about your oral health as a whole. Even if you don’t have a dreaded gum pimple, swollen or painful gums is almost always an indication of a deeper problem that needs to be addressed. Don’t ignore what your gums are telling you, even if the problem seems minor.

  • Throbbing or Significant Tooth Pain

Toothaches are not unusual to experience, even with excellent dental health. Something as simple as food being stuck in your teeth can cause some temporary discomfort.

It’s serious when the pain is throbbing or severe, causing distracting pain that not even reliable pain medication can soothe. As a general rule, if there’s significant pain or you’re bleeding, seek care as soon as possible.

  • Tooth That Is Darkened or Has Other Damage

Most people’s teeth aren’t perfect, that’s just a given. However, a common warning sign that you need a root canal may seem like it’s only a cosmetic concern.

If your tooth is discolored or darkened, appearing gray or black, and / or has a hole, chip or crack in it, you may need a root canal to restore the tooth.

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