Dental Insurance 101: Will My Insurance Cover Crowns?

Dental Insurance for Crowns

Usually offered as a benefit through your employer, dental insurance can help you save money on preventive services, but not much more.

Recently however, dental insurance companies have become more aware of what patients need, expanding coverage to include more than just X-rays and cleanings.

This expansion is vital to saving teeth, keeping them strong, and aiding in cavity protection. Now, your dental insurance may even cover some restorative procedures. So, will my insurance cover crowns?

What Will My Insurance Cover?

Most insurance companies will cover all necessary preventive dental treatments, though there is typically a cap or limit on the coverage. But, will my insurance cover crowns? That will depend on the insurance itself. Some insurances only cover a portion of the cost, but that coverage could be up to 80% or more, leaving you a small portion of the out-of-pocket expense.

If you have dual coverage, you may not have to pay anything. It all depends on your insurance plan. Companies that pay for all dental expenses usually have you pay a certain amount per month whether you use it or not. There is no deductible or percentage, they cover it all.

What Should I Do Now When Wondering Will My Insurance Cover Crowns?

If you have been told you need a crown, you can schedule an appointment with our business office dental professionals and determine what your insurance coverage actually is. Some dental companies have you pay in full for treatment and send you a check to reimburse your out-of-pocket cost. Most will be billed and pay their portion. Then we will work with you on what is left to pay, if anything.

For root canals with crown or crown replacements, call the skilled dentists at the office of Joseph T. Luke, D.D.S., M.S. today at 301-880-4439 or book an appointment online now! Don’t delay dental treatment because of insurance coverage questions. We will help determine the best treatments that fit your insurance plan, AND transform your smile!

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