Where’s the Best Dental Practice in Lexington Park, Maryland for Cleanings?

Best Dental Practice in Lexington Park

There’s no other feeling like good oral health and having extremely clean teeth. In fact, it’s probably the best part about going to the dentist. The funny part is that the dentist isn’t who actually cleans your teeth.

So, what’s a dental hygienist, and where’s the best dental practice near Lexington Park.

Give Me the Scoop on What a Dental Hygienist Does

You need a dentist when you have serious dental complications and to make sure nothing is wrong with your mouth or teeth. Before the dentist even sees you, your smile is cleaned and assessed by a dental hygienist.

You can expect your teeth to be cleaned and scaled, have your health history taken,  and X-rays and more to be performed by your dental hygienist.

Are Dental Hygienists Trained Professionals?

Absolutely! In Maryland, all dental hygienists have at least a two-year degree and are required to hold a professional license, according to the American Dental Association. In order to obtain their license, they must go through rigorous training and qualify for an examination. You can always trust your teeth in the hands of an experienced dental hygienist.

Is It Possible to Just See a Dental Hygienist?

No. A dental hygienist needs to be supervised by a dentist in order to make sure you’re receiving the best care possible. Plus, the only person who can truly know if anything is wrong with your mouth and teeth is a dentist.

Visit Dr. Joseph T. Luke for the Teeth Cleanings at the Best Dental Practice Near Lexington Park!

Where’s the best dental practice near Lexington Park? At the dental offices of Dr. Joseph T. Luke D.D.S, M.S in Leonardtown and Lusby! We have an incredible staff that leaves your mouth feeling cleaner and healthier than ever.

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