Emergency Dentist in Lexington Park, Maryland

Emergency Dentist in Lexington Park

How Much Does an Emergency Dentist in Lexington Park, Maryland Cost?

Dental emergencies are often painful, can be dangerous, and are relatively expensive depending on the type of emergency.

So, how much an emergency dentist in Lexington Park, Maryland costs, what the most common emergencies are, and how can you avoid dental emergencies? Here’s the scoop!

Here Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies, Along With Average Fees for Treatment

Here are three of the most common dental emergencies and their corresponding costs.

Keep in mind, this does not include insurance coverage, and the numbers are only averages. Your cost may be significantly lower or higher than the following prices.

Root canal: The most common emergency, a root canal treatment is necessary when the root of your tooth becomes infected. Your cost depends on the location of the tooth.

  • Front teeth cost between $700 and $900.
  • Intermediate teeth cost between $800 and $950.
  • Molars cost between $1,000 and $1,200.

Tooth extraction: The second most common emergency, a tooth may need to be pulled if it’s injured or infected and a root canal is not performed. Your cost depends on what your tooth has done.

  • If it has erupted through the gum, the cost is between $70 and $300.
  • If it has impacted the gum, the cost is around $200 to $600.

Cavity filling: The cost of filling a cavity is dependent on the type of cavity filling used.

  • Silver amalgam fillings cost between $110 and $200.
  • Resin-based composite fillings cost between $135 and $240.

Want to Avoid a Dental Emergency? Here’s What to Do!

You can’t avoid every dental emergency, but you can avoid many.

Brush your teeth twice daily, floss, and get regular dental cleanings to avoid most emergencies, as well as wear appropriate protective mouth gear such as mouthguards when participating in high-risk activities.

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